Information Regarding The Coronavirus

We are aware that many holidays and trips are sadly being cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.
As a small family run business this is obviously having a significant impact on us. As you are aware, unlike most other companies we do not ask for a non claim deposit or full payment up front, however we do have a minimum 30 day cancellation policy which we have no choice but to implement.

We are more than happy to supply an invoice for your insurance companies so that you may reclaim the payment made to us. If however you are unable to claim on your insurance please contact the office and we can discuss the matter with you.

If you need to cancel an upcoming booking please let us know as soon as possible.

We appreciate this is a difficult situation for all concerned and we hope you can understand and appreciate our position.

We regret that we are unable to show anyone around to view the kennels and cattery at this time.

New changes for drop pop and collection

  • We now need to give you a time to drop off and collect and ask that you pay by bank transfer prior to boarding. Therefore if you have a preference could you please let us know asap what time you would like to drop off and collect and we will do our best to accommodate these. We can then confirm definite times and cost of boarding.

  • We have been advised not to accept any own bedding or toys at the moment, but please be reassured that we have plenty here to keep them comfy and entertained!

  • You may bring in your pets own food if you feel their tummies will not tolerate a change of diet, the packaging will be thoroughly disinfected upon arrival. However if you feel they will be happy on our food, (and most are), then please leave own food at home.


  • Any medication is absolutely fine to bring in, again this will be thoroughly disinfected upon arrival. Please email over clear instructions of when we need to administer them, and make sure everything is labelled clearly.


  • If we need to see your vaccinations certificates again, please take a photo and email the copy over to us.


When you arrive:

  • It is very important to arrive as close as possible to your allocated time - We are on reduced staff levels and have no constant cover in the office so our whole day is being worked around your time slots.

  • Upon arrival and departure, each animal will be sprayed lightly with Leucillin. Leucillin is a pet safe topical spray and is harmless to tissue so is suitable for all external uses. Leucillin has been proven to kill bacteria, virus (including the virus SARS-CoV-2, that causes COVID -19) and fungi.


  • Once you arrive there will be a mobile number displayed on the entry gate - please call this number. There is a high possibility we will be down the kennels with the animals, so please call and say who you are here to pick up/collect and we will be with you as soon as we can. Please wait by the gate. (This number is not to be used to make any bookings/amendments. Strictly for gate entry only.)


  • If you are dropping your dog off, we will collect them by the gate and put one of our own slip leads on your dog, you can then remove and take home your dogs collar and lead. We will not be taking them down the kennels, so please remember to bring them back with you upon collection!


  • If you are dropping your cat off, please remove their collar prior to their stay.


  • We will not accept any animals from a coronavirus-infected/symptomatic household.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message!